Concept Video

Event video, event videography, concept video and bibliography video – are terms that describe not only the video recording of an event, but include the art of story telling – adding narratives and interviews to the story along with mixing and matching story timeline events into an entertaining media event – making it interesting, concise and informative.

Today’s video viewer’s attention is short, especially for web-based video.  “More is Bore, Less is Best” is a term applied  to telling your story fully yet effectively within a fairly short time format.  This firnat is accomplished in the editing bay and requires the attention of an experienced video editor.

Event and Web Purchase Promo – Tombstone Tales

This 73 second web promo uses lavaliere microphones, multiply cameras,  multi-screen editing (PIP) and titling, and royalty free music to promote a yearly event, to attract new actors to the event, and to inform and entertain customers on the day of the event. as they purchase tickets and wait for transportation to the event.

vent Promo – Dog Sled Rendezvous
This short overview of a dog sled race includes an underlayment of royalty free music, mixed interviews, multiple B-roll cutaway footage, and transition editing  to capture the essence of the event in 2 minutes.

Edited footage of this event with more in-depth interviews about training and the sport can be sold to participants and sled dog lovers on both local and multi-sale web sites to add revenue to an organizations operating account. That footage can be used to promote the club at local and national meetings. 

Community Event – Words to Taps – This 57 second overview captures the essence of a 45 minute Memorial Day speech and celebration that occurred in the small and unique mountain community of Grand Lake, Colorado on Memorial Day 2007.

Although the playing of taps occurred independently from the speaker’s presentation and the gun salute was much later, this edited footage combined B-Roll footage to display “more video in less time”. 1 camera was used to capture this footage..