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Often called court videography, legal video has expanded categorically as attorneys have seen what a powerful tool video evidence can be.’s strength is in our ability to tell and show your story through Activities of Daily Living and Mediation Documentaries.  Our videographer / video editor is a retired federal investigator versed in investigative and courtroom procedures, testifying, and the Federal Rules of Evidence.

Different from legal video, forensic video refers to examination, analysis, enhancement  and testifying as to authenticity of video offered as evidence within the court system. It can include such items as autopsy video, crime and incident scene surveys, security and surveillance video processing, 3D incident reconstruction, emulation or simulation, or photometric analysis

Although we generally do not provide deposition services unless made under special arrangements, we do provide video recording services of:

 Video WillsProof of DamagesMock TrialsPre-Construction SurveysPrenuptial Agreements