Hi! I'm Dave,

the founder of David Mathew Bonner Video Productions, established in 2001. DMB Video is your trusted source for videography and photography services in the greater Edmonton region and Central Alberta, with a portfolio that extends across Canada.


My approach is grounded in clear communication and surpassing expectations. I take pride in offering quality work at reasonable prices with a swift turnaround. What sets my services apart is my passion, imagination, workmanship, and progressive skills. This combination not only ensures a professional touch but also contributes to the unique and creative aspects of each project.

My commitment to working within your budget adds an extra layer of flexibility. I provide free consultations to understand your objectives and collaboratively explore creative solutions that align with your financial considerations.

One of my strengths lies in helping clients discover their vision. Often, clients may not be sure of what they need, but I have a knack for understanding and guiding them towards a compelling vision. Your unique perspective matters and I am dedicated to capturing it flawlessly.

Choose David Mathew Bonner Video Productions for a professional, collaborative approach that not only delivers impactful storytelling and visually engaging content but also helps you uncover and realize your vision. Let’s work together to achieve your goals seamlessly, even within budgetary constraints.

Let’s create something great together!

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